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Welcome to Escape to Nature Camp...

ormanın derinlerine kürek çeken tarz bir adam

İğneada Floodplain Forests
Camping-Nature Trekking Day 1

After meeting at the specified point in Istanbul, we set out towards İğneada. After a journey that will take about three hours, we arrive at the restaurant where we will have our breakfast.

Passing through the Istranca forests covering the Yıldız Mountains,
We provide transportation to our private camping area for our group and set up our camp. 

After setting up our tents in the camping area and exploring our area, we will start our tour where we will explore İğneada to the fullest and walk through the floodplain forests.
Here we go. 

Before our nature walk, we visited the National park museum and learned about the region 
We obtain important information. 

In the lakes region, which has the most beautiful visuals of the floodplain forests, there is an approximately 7 km long 
Hamam Lake, Istranca Forests, Bulanık Stream, Aypoloz Lake, which will take approximately 3 hours,
We explore the Floodplain Forests to our heart's content.  

After our walk, we go to Lake Mert, have our snacks as a snack, and then take a canoe or ATV tour with our guests if they wish.

Now we are returning to our campsite to complete our beautiful day.

We have our dinner by our campfire.

We end our day accompanied by the stars.

Rezve deresinin muhteşem doğa manzarası
saklı koylar yürüyüş rotasına ait bir koy resmi tıpkı bir ay parçası gibi

İğneada Floodplain Forests
Camping-Nature Trekking Day 2

We start our day by having breakfast in nature, accompanied by bird chirping.
We pack up our camp and set off towards our route, where we will walk in the hidden bays of İğneada.
we are going out.

The wonderful from blue to green on the Limdik route, colored with spring flowers.
We start our 9 km walk, which will take approximately 4 hours, accompanied by scenic views.

The starting point of our route is  Limanköy, and the ending point is at the Bulgarian border 
We finish by seeing Beğendik village.

If the weather conditions are unfavorable or according to the preference of our team, Şahin Creek Flood
or Zindan Creek Waterfalls are alternative routes we can choose.

At the end of our walk, after taking a tea break and resting in the village coffeehouse, 
We will eat fish at one of the most beautiful restaurants in İğneada, where we will have lunch.
We say. 

After drinking the day's tired coffee, those who wish can buy local products.
We take a break at İğneada bazaar and start our journey to Istanbul. 
On our way back, we took our last break and spent two full days in nature and 
We complete our tour with the memories we have accumulated.

kamp alanına ait bir dere manzarası ve ağaçların suya yansıması muhteşem

Day 1 Flow

Departure from Istanbul

 E-5 06:10 Maltepe Metro

06:15 Küçük Yalı - 06:20 Bostanci

06:25 Kozyatağı - 06.30 Yeni Sahara

06:35 Göztepe - 06:40 Kadıköy Marriage Office

07.00 Mecidiyeköy Aslı Börek Front - 07.30 Selimpaşa Metro Rest Facility

-10:00 Breakfast at Demirköy Samakof Restaurant

- 11:30 Meeting at the Camping Site We meet at our İğneada camping area.

First we meet, socialize, take a look at our campsite, and then we set up our camp.

- 14:00 We Visit Our Longoz Forests Museum.

Before the nature walk, we get visual information about the floodplain forests.

 14:30 Nature Walk in Longoz Forests Enjoyable and enjoyable in the colors of autumn

An easy nature walk awaits us.

We will proceed deeper into the forest during our walk, which will last approximately 3 hours.

-17:30 Return to İğneada center Snacks before dinner.

For those who want to take a canoe tour or ATV tour, we go to Lake Mert.

19:30 Dinner

We will have dinner at the campsite, tasting local delicacies special to our group.

- 21:00 Conversations around the Campfire

Day 2 Flow

- 08:00 Awakening

Waking up to the sounds of birds after a peaceful day in nature.

- 09:00 Breakfast

Carefully prepared by our team and accompanied by local flavors of Thrace

our breakfast in the morningWe do it at our campsite.

- 10:30 Collecting the Campsite

Before our nature walk, we pack up our camp and hit the road.

- 11:00 Limdik Walking Route

This route, consisting of the hidden bays of İğneada, will give you the feeling of mini Lycia.

Changes can be made to the route according to weather conditions and the request of the group.

- 15:00 Beğendik Village Tea Break

At the end of our walk, we deserved a tea break at the village coffee house.

- 15:30 Lunch

Since İğneada is a fishing town, we thought that returning without eating fish would be a bit incomplete.  

-17:00 Departure to Istanbul

At the end of two full days full of nature, local products were sold at the İğneada market.

We take a break to pick up and hit the road.

Our Guests in Case of Delays Due to Traffic

 You will be informed by the Tour Manager.

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