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nature walks

You need strength in your feet to explore the paths, forests, streams, lakes, waterfalls and bays of İğneada, where you can spend time in nature in all seasons.

İğneada, which appears with different beauties in every season, has recently become a frequent destination for those who want to take long walks in nature. In line with the routes we have determined, easy/medium/difficult trails can be enjoyed with pleasure, depending on your energy. Unfortunately, one of the most important deficiencies of the region, the lack of direction and location signs, can lead to dead-end paths. For this reason, you should definitely take a guide with you who knows the area well. At the same time, 15 hiking routes marked on GPS offer you the opportunity to visit all Yıldız Mountains and İğneada. I share with you the highlights of these walking routes. 

Longoz Forests and Lakes Route: Longoz Forests and Lakes, the most important assets of İğneada, are one of the routes where you can have the most enjoyable time in nature. It is one of the routes with an easy difficulty level, with the shortest distance being 8 km and the longest distance being 16 km. You need to go to the starting point of the route by car. On route; You will have the opportunity to see Istranca Forests, Longoz Forests, Hamam Lake, Aypoloz Lake, Mert Lake, Bulanık Stream and Golden Beaches. It is a rich route where you can walk along the stream and taste forest fruits in spring and summer. There are intense flies in August and stream crossings can be challenging in the winter months. You can view the marked map of the track in the gallery below.

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