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waterfall tour

There are many waterfalls waiting to be discovered in Yıldız Mountains. 15 waterfalls, large and small, can be seen in İğneada and its surroundings. Of course, these are what we have discovered so far. Zindan Dere Waterfalls, the highest waterfall in Thrace, and Merdiven Waterfall are among the most visited places recently. 

Zindan Creek Waterfalls; It fascinates its visitors with its untouched nature. There are 6 waterfalls you can see in Zindan Creek during the winter months. In the summer months, there are 2 large witch cauldrons where you can cool off in their cold waters. Zindan Creek Waterfalls, which have wonderful frames for taking photographs, is a walking track that delights its visitors. It is easier to go to the waterfall, which is 24 km away from İğneada, with high vehicles.

Stairs Waterfall is a mysterious natural wonder that has been the subject of many legends in the past. It is hiding on a small stream in the Istranca forests. The staircase waterfall, which is located on a pleasant walking track of 7 km in total, is accompanied by Akkayalar peak, Yarıkkaya waterfall and Sislioba Castle.
The waterfall, which flows loudly in the winter months, loses its magnificence in the summer months. Waterfalls attract the attention of those who take nature photographs and provide peace when visited at the right time.

Stairs waterfall is not a place you can go and see without a guide. It is located deep in the forest and in an area close to the Bulgarian border. Recently, when its name started to be heard, it became a place where treasure hunters stopped by.

It is true to the stories told about the presence of historical castles, Thracian tombs and ruins of ancient settlements, especially in its nearby locations. If you want to visit these waterfalls, we definitely recommend you to contact us.


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