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Rehber Halil İbrahim Aydın



We started our work in 2009 to create some ideas for the beautiful people who visit İğneada. In line with some complaints of our visitors in the years when tourism activities were just beginning, we are trying to eliminate the question marks in their minds about what to do here, what to eat, where to stay.

We are trying to attract the attention of the right people by sharing the natural beauties, cultural riches and historical secrets of İğneada.

As İğneada Gezim, we will continue our work to guide our visitors.

Halil İbrahim AYDIN

Adres Bilgilerimiz :

İğneada Yeni Mahalle Demirköy Caddesi No:49/D

İğneada | Demirköy | Kırklareli

Tel: 0545 723 17 09


Ticari Ünvan: Aydem Ada Turizm Tic. Ltd. Şti

Vergi Dairesi: Demirköy

Vergi No: 1090944599

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