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There are 6 lakes in Hidden Paradise İğneada. Mert, Erikli, Saka, Hamam, Pedina and Aypoloz lakes remain within the borders of İğneada Longoz Forests and are protected by National Parks. 4 of these lakes are semi-fresh-salty water connected to the sea, and 2 of them are completely in the forest and are freshwater lakes. Erikli and Mert lakes, located on the right and left of İğneada, are within walking distance and are the most well-known. Other lakes are far from İğneada and a bit difficult in terms of transportation.

İğneada lakes are also the habitat of many creatures. It is one of the important accommodation centers especially for migrating birds. In addition to water birds, it also hosts many fish species and amphibians. Mert Lake and Erikli Lake are the lakes where wildlife is most common. Since it is a set of different ecosystems, it is the point with the highest diversity of fauna and flora. Rare plants such as orchid species, irises and marsh bulbs can be seen around the lakes. 

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